Woman strips, then steals taxi

One Louisiana cabbie found out the hard way that few things are stranger than the back of a taxi after midnight.

Police say the cabbie picked up this woman, Jennifer Gille, at a motel…but she didn’t get out at her destination.

Police in Covington, Louisiana, USA, has claimed of arresting a 29-year-old New York based woman, Jennifer Gille, who allegedly stripped naked, in the back seat of a cab before stealing the car.

Captain Jack West, a spokesperson to the Covington Police Department, said that around 1:00 a.m. Sunday the driver picked up a female passenger from the St. Clair Shores, Michigan. The passenger was Jennifer Gille, who refused to get out of the cab after safely reaching at her destination.

West further added that, at first Jennifer Gille completely undressed herself and then demanded the driver to take her home in the state of Michigan. The driver refused to do so and took her to a nearby police station to get some help and when the cabbie was inside the police station, Jennifer Gille allegedly jumped into the driver’s seat and drove off the car.

Capt. West also reported that the Covington police department found the cab, along with all-naked Jennifer Gille again sitting at the back seat of the car, in a nearby parking lot and when asked by the police officials to come out of the vehicle, Jennifer Gille refused to do so.

So, that’s why the all nude Jennifer Gille had to be pulled out from the car physically by the police.

However, after safely detaching her from the cab’s back seat, the officers pulled her dress back on her body, as she was not willing to put it back on, at the crime scene.

The same source also confirmed that, once being removed safely from the cab, Jennifer Gille was then escorted by the officers to the St. Tammany Jail where she faced charges for the theft of a moveable property.

Police believe alcohol and maybe even drugs, and not necessarily her blonde-ness, were involved.

I wonder what gives them that idea.

by John Jackson


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