Woman kicked out by boyfriend on Street View

Google Street View has captured many awkward moments in the past but the latest image of a woman supposedly being kicked out by her boyfriend could be the most embarrassing yet.

An acrimonious split from a partner is always hard to take but in this case the pain was made worse by the fact it was reportedly caught by Google’s cameras.

Following on from the couple caught having sex on Street View, this Google Maps image shows a woman standing by the boot of her car with all her possessions on the pavement in front of her.

Kicked out on Street View

The photo was brought to everyone’s attention by a man claiming to be the friend of the man who had kicked his girlfriend out.

He said the incident happened two years ago but he had just discovered the image.

He wrote: ‘She was known to be a huge bitch within their circle of friends.

‘I never knew that side of her so I wouldn’t go so far as to call her that.’

Rather than being sympathetic to the woman’s supposed plight, some internet users have blamed her for putting herself in the situation.

Limmmao wrote: ‘Looks like another one got caught in the “I haven’t been completely honest with you” experiment.’


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