Woman flips car on driving test

A woman could have set the record for failing a driving test in the quickest time after she flipped her car within seconds of starting a practical exam.

Footage of the incident shows that the unfortunate lady crashed her vehicle in less than ten seconds after she started out on her test.

The 31 second dashboard camera clip from South Korea is made even more amusing by the frantic pleas of the driving instructor who unsuccessfully tries to avert the crash.

He realises things aren’t going to plan when his student immediately swerves to the left and heads towards some hedges.

He desperately calls out for her to brake but instead she keeps going and then topples the car.

The woman shouts ‘Oh my, what do we do?’ when the vehicle turns.

This elicits an angry response from her passenger who replies: ‘That’s why I told you to press the brakes.

‘What were you pressing?

‘I’m going to go crazy — get out of the car.’


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