Woman divorces husband over 5cm penis

A woman has claimed she divorced her husband because he has a 5cm penis.

His cock is so small

The news that the woman, known only as Zhang, 52, split with her other half Zhou because she was unhappy with the size of his manhood will do little to dampen the inadequate feeling many men already have about that part of their body.

The newly-divorced woman from Taiwan has even gone a step further and actually detailed the size of the man’s private parts, according to local sources.

‘His penis is so small. It’s like a kid’s – only 5cm long,’ she said.

‘We’ve never had sex in our entire marriage.’

As if having a tiny penis wasn’t bad enough, Zhang also claimed her ex-husband couldn’t perform in the bedroom.

She added: ‘He’s also impotent and unable to fulfil his responsibility as a husband.’

But the under-attack ex-spouse has hit back claiming he is not impotent but just wasn’t up for having sex at midnight.

‘I prefer to have sex in the morning, but she wanted it around midnight,’ he said.

‘By then, I would be very tired.’

Zhang didn’t know about her husband’s alleged inability to perform, or the size of his penis, before they married because they waited to have sex until after the ceremony.


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