Woman breastfeeds calf

It’s normal. It’s natural. It’s a bond between mother and baby.But in a small village in India, a woman took it upon herself to breastfeed an orphaned calf after its mother died was a natural one.

The woman, named Chouthi Bai has breastfed the animal for about 3 days now, which was when the calf’s mother died of natural causes.

“After her mother died, I held her in my arms and breastfed her. I nurtured her by feeding her my milk. She was so young when the cow died. For me there is no difference between a calf and an infant”.

Bai’s calf seems to have taken naturally to the breast-milk, which is supplemented with chapatis and water.

“I feed her three or four times a day, the same amount an infant requires in a day. Sometimes we have to feed her chapatis, we give her water to drink and slowly she will grow on this diet,” Bai said.

The 46-day-old calf now follows her wherever she goes.

Hindus consider the cow a sacred animal. So I suppose the Gods will be happy, if not a little freaked out.

by Sash Dubronitz


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