Why is man so bloody violent?

I have studied modern history of the past sixty years , and it would seem the only problem today is man.

Sixty years ago men were fighting in Korea. Today they are still fighting but in different countries. In Korea it was to help the people have  freedom and democracy. Today those same reasons are used to promote wars in even more and more countries.

If the reasons used are to be believed, why are they not universally pursued.

People who sought freedom and elected governments and used demonstrations were not  supported against larger more powerful  nations who could defend themselves, remember Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, China and Russia. Despots, tyrants and dictators took control of countries by force and held them by fear.

Did the western powers attack them and depose the tyrants, as they did with Iraq? 

Why send soldiers into Afghanistan when others had dismally failed.

Now America, Britain and France are threatening Libya . The one common thread throughout this discourse is the violence in man himself .

We learn nothing from history .

Is Korea free or divided? In Vietnam the west lost, are they free?

Violence was not carried out by other nations against Hungary…but they are free…and for Poland, the same.

China is ruthless against demonstrators, but gradually the people are gaining  more freedom. Russia is changing every day and hopefully can achieve peace with all its neighbours.

If we are going to continue without heeding histories warnings, it can only lead to more violence.

History shows us an overview, an answer in hindsight. We see the results without having to correct the symtoms.  Symptoms such as, greed, oil, terrorism and religion.

We only see the results of mans progression through history…and that, unfortunately, is violence.  If it doesn’t work, hit it with a hammer syndrome.

If I was a student studying Modern History, I would’ve dropped it and taken up meditation. Then stayed in bed until its all over.  

It’s easy to get into conflict, its twice as hard to get out again. Perhaps the US President has learned this and is already looking to pass the ball before he gets too involved.

If the US bomb Libya, will they next bomb Yemen…who’s next?

by Professor P.T. Brown


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