What a Wally

A HOMEOWNER was stunned to find this wallaby in his garden – in WEST YORKSHIRE.

Brian Hooson, 64, saw the 4ft animal, native of Australia, grazing on his grass.

And son Robert, 33, snapped it bounding around near Keighley.

Brian is feeding the wallaby, now named Wally, and said: “It sure beats squirrels and birds in your garden.”

What an imagination Brian’s got. If he’d seen a dolphin he’d have called it Flipper…but really…Wally…the man’s a genius.

But let’s hope it’s not a hoax, like the crocodile found in the English Channel turned out to be a floating piece of wood.

But there have been a lot of sightings in recent times of Wallabies on the Yorkshire moors.


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