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We know who The Stig is

That’s right, yes we do. The Stig is a former racer and stunt man from Bristol called Ben Collins.

Ben Collins really didn’t play his hand very well when he asked an art gallery to help him produce a print of the Stig in action.

The internet has been inundated with “Bounty Hunters” identifying Mr Collins as the mystery driver.

Fans will be devastated to know that when he’s not hitting 200mph on the Top Gear test-track, Mr Collins drives a $25,000 “reasonably priced” car, is married and lives in a modest $500,000 home.

Mr Collins has always denied being the Stig and could now face the sack. The first Stig, stunt driver Perry McCarthy, lost the job after outing himself in his autobiography.

Mr Collins started his motorsport career competing in Formula First and Formula Vauxhall Junior on his way to International Formula 3. He also featured as a stunt driver in Bond film, Quantum Of Solace.

Racing drivers ranging from Damon Hill to Russ Swift have been outed as the Stig over the years by the press and other racing drivers. There are rumours that Mr Collins could be just one of up to four Stigs employed by Top Gear.

There’s been no comment yet from the Top Gear team. As said before, they did get rid of one Stig a few years back. They actually sent him driving off of an aircraft carrier while out to sea.

Obviously Top Gear wasn’t as big as it was then, but there were rumours that the old Stig wanted his identity to be known so that he could become more of a part of the show. When Clarkson said no, the old Stig kicked up a bit of a fuss and threatened to go to the press. So Clarkson sacked him.

So TG may probably get a new driver, but you’ll be hard-stretched to get as good a driver as Ben.

The character’s name comes from presenter Jeremy Clarkson’s days at Repton School where new pupils were always called Stig. A Top Gear spokesman said: “We never comment on speculation as to who or what The Stig is.”

You might have to comment now…seeing as everyone knoews who he is now.

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