We don’t want Prince Andrew representing us

We’re told the Queen is blind, deaf and dumb to Prince Andrew and his failings.

Well she can’t be. Not any more. Not when those failings include enjoying the company of convicted paedophile, Jerry Epstein, a man who preys on teenage girls. And not when he gets massages from girls courtesy of Epstein.

And certainly not when we’re told he had his hand on one young girl’s breast and was photographed with another, 17 year old Virginia Roberts who Epstein procured when she was just 15 and trained as an erotic masseuse…in other words, a prostitute.

Although Andrew says he’s now severed links with Epstein, the fact is he’ll probably hook up with some other sleazeball, (who hasn’t been properly checked out by Royal Intelligence) who’ll give him a good time.

I don’t care how many times the Palace insists he’s not indulging in deviant sexual practices with underage girls. The fact is he parties with people who do, and THAT makes him dangerous.

Promising not to see Epstein isn’t enough. He needs to resign as trade ambassador and Her Majesty must insist that he does. Because his social life is bad enough, Andrew’s arrogance and high-handedness offends foreign dignitaries, which means he’s actually harming trade.

This man, this Prince is representing Britain, the Royal Family and the Commonwealth, which, for better for worse, we are a part of. I don’t know about you, but if the Royals are representing us, at least can they do it bloody properly.

Forget the arguement that because he’s the man born never to be King, so he’s never had a proper role and so he’s gone off the rails. Princess Anne was born never to be Queen yet she found a role, does more work than all the Royals put together and doesn’t need to party with 17 year old boys.

Andrew’s job as trade envoy was never a proper job. It was created for him because he’s congenitally incapable of earning his own living and, at 51, still has to depend on Mummy.

Unfortunately, Prince Andrew has become a liability. The Queen is doing herself no favours in refusing to see what her son is doing to the reputation of a country she has devoted her life to serving. Andrew is an arrogant waster who socialises with Libyan gun smugglers, a convicted paedophile and dodgy businessmen.

The Queen needs to ensure that he no longer has a position to embarrass her. 

by Robbo Green


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