Was it vandals or modern druids that slaughtered innocent ducks

Twisted vandals are believed to have used a cricket bat to slaughter dozens of ducks.

They also killed a chicken and injured other birds in the sick attack on allotments. Sheds and gardening gear were damaged too during the spree and one building was set alight.

Plot holders found their slaughtered animals yesterday in Salisbury, England.

Police described the attack as “cruel and heartless” and a spokesman said, “This act has caused enormous stress”.

Isn’t Salisbury where druids come from? Maybe it was a Pagan ritual…maybe it was because the Poms got slaughtered by Sri Lanka in the Cricket World Cup…

Whatever the reason, these sickos need to go to jail…for a long time. People who harm animals have usually got something wrong with them.

If you look at most serial killers, they all used to harm animals/creatures when they were younger. Anything from pulling the wings off of butterflys to punching cats. I actually know of a kid at the moment and have seen him punch the family cat. I’ve told his parents about the possibility of him being a murderer when he gets older. They take it with a pinch of salt and think that I’m just joking…but I’m not.

He’s about 11 at the moment…I will reveal to all when he makes his first kill.

by Sel Hurst


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