Wanna be a dumbass?

If you’ve ever considered yourself to be too smart then you need not worry anymore after a new spoof advert about a pill that lowers your IQ was released on YouTube.

Minus IQ

The MinusIQ video claims the pill will considerably lower your intelligence by between ten and 50 points.

‘Why should I consider lowering it, you might ask? Because life is easier and the world is a much happier place when you’re dumb,’ says an actor playing neurologist ‘Cornelius Grouppe’.

Mr Grouppe seems to have it in for rap music as he references it twice as a measure for how lower your IQ was.

First he claims you would still be able to ‘tie your shoelaces and write an average rap song’ if you took a pill.

He added after taking the medication you would spend the rest of the day listening to Pitbull and Lil Wayne’s rap music.

It’s not all positive (negative) as there are side effects to the faux pill, including becoming a racist, sexist and not liking ‘basically anyone different from you’.

Watch the video….


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