Van takes a dip in Bad Aussee

A female van driver ended up submerged in Austria’s Lake Grundlsee after misplacing her trust in her satellite navigation system.

Petra Lang, 27, explained to rescuers that she had typed into her sat nav that she wanted to go to the lake – but the machine took her request a little too literally.

According to emergency services personnel, Ms Lang was looking for a shortcut to reach her destination (which, to be fair to her, she did reach).

However, after being briefly unsighted by undergrowth, she ended up going straight into the water.

Not enough has been made of what exactly she was doing when the van was being driven straight into the lake, of course…

‘She insisted the satnav system was to blame,’ one rescuer explained.

‘She said she typed in that she wanted to go to the lake – but got closer than she intended.’

Ms Lang escaped safely enough before firefighters arrived to haul the stricken vehicle from the water, amid fears that it could pollute the bathing lake near the town of Bad Aussee in western Austria.


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