Twin pensioners rob Swiss bank

A pair of robbers defied old age, and the police, after they fleeced a bank in the Graubünden area of Switzerland wearing masks making them look like twin pensioners.

The thieves appeared innocent enough when they hobbled into the branch of Raiffeisen sporting the prosthetic faces, flat caps and thick-lens glasses.


However, when they reached the till, the duo pulled out their guns and demanded the clerk hand over the money before making a swift exit through the front door, leaving security guards trailing in their wake.

A police spokesman said: ‘They looked old but the masks were obviously identical – they could have been twin grandads.

‘We assume they probably took the masks off and blended in with the crowds afterwards, once they had fled from the bank.

‘They ran out so fast that we can quite categorically rule out that they were really OAPs.’

Police could not confirm how large the robbers’ haul was but believe it to be considerable.


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