Twenty-four hour pancakes…almost worse than ‘Chicken in a Can’

An American chain of diners…Denny’s…offers its customers a great deal on pancakes.

‘All you can eat’ for $4. You can see how they came up with it. Pancakes are cheap to make and they get a little boring after a while. The only flaw in the plan? Denny’s never closes.

Step forward Rio Hardesty and Brendan Griffin. They…and five of their school friends…staged a 24 hour ‘Pancake-athon’ at their local branch and managed to polish off a grand total of 301 pancakes before they finally gave up. That 43 each!

I’m not a doctor but I’m pretty sure that’s at least 40 times your recommended daily allowance of pancakes.

But, hang on…isn’t everyone in this equation stupid?

Denny’s sold 301 pancakes for just 10 cents a pop…and what have these boys achieved?

They’ve wasted a day of their young lives and quite possibly taken a few minutes off the other end too.

All-you-can-eat pancakes is the worst idea since chicken in a can.

But who cares. Their diet probably consists of 6 Big Macs a day…and let’s not forget that the population is getting larger. Who’s going to miss a few greedy, obese Americans.

by Mike Hansom


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