Traffic warden Santa gets into the Christmas spirit

The Christmas spirit is strong in the Philippines it seems as Santa Claus hits the street to direct traffic in Pasay, south of Manila.

Traffic warden Ramiro Hinojas dressed up as Father Christmas to put a little festive cheer into traffic control on a busy street in the city.

His eager attitude towards spreading the holiday atmosphere is an attempt on his part to make the traffic jams more bearable for the drivers.

Each year in the Philippines, Christmas celebrations are in full effect as early as September as offices decorate their premises with multicoloured star-shaped lights called Parols, while employees wear costumes.

Television channels also get into the mood, as news reporters make sure they remind the public how many days remain until Christmas day.

The four-month celebration goes up a gear in the religious part of the holiday from December 16 up to Christmas Eve, when Filipinos begin their daily Simbang Gabi, which translates to Evening Mass.

The saying ‘Maligayang Pasko Sa Inyong Lahat’ is common around the workplace, in homes and in Christmas cards, translating as: ‘Merry Christmas to Everyone.’


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