Topless drunk woman caught speeding

A Topless drunk woman led police on a death-defying car chase at speeds of up to 130MPH.

And when cops finally managed to pull over barmy Erin B. Holdsworth – she leapt out of her car wearing nothing but fishnet stockings, a G-string and joggers.

The scantily-clad speedster was then handcuffed and thrown in the back of a police car where she hurled drunken abuse at officers.

She has been charged with drink driving, refusing a blood test, fleeing the police, criminal damage, speeding and reckless operation.

Officers were forced to use stingers to puncture two of Holdsworth’s tyres during the high-speed chase, which was caught on camera. The 28-year-old had to pull over a short time later.

Holdsworth was arrested in Ohio, US, and charged at Chardon Municipal Court. She was released pending charges and is due to reappear in court in November.


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