The Welsh want to kill Top Gear presenters because they can’t take a joke

Never mind the Mexicans…TV’s Top Gear motormouths have been sent death threats after slating the Welsh.

James May revealed he and co-stars Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond were targeted.

The BBC have already apologised after the Mexicans were branded, ‘lazy, feckless, flatulant and overweight’, on the show.

But May, 48, said that was nothing compared to the backlash the trio faced after they encouraged motorists to test drive fast cars on Welsh rural roads because, ‘no one wants tolive there’.

He said, “It isn’t the Mexicans we have to worry about…it’s the Welsh. They really took offence.”

“We received quite a few death threats on our lives. People shouldn’t take what we say too seriously.”

The presenters have made several Welsh jibes in the past. Clarkson, 50, said, “The problem with France is that, like Wales, it is a very pretty country spoiled by the people who live there.”

He also put a map of it in a microwave, blew it up, then scoffed, “I put Wales in there because Scotland wouldn’t fit.”

And he said of the Welsh language, “It’s English without vowels,” while May called it “baffling and even dangerous”.

Other nationalities have also come under fire fromthe trio. Clarkson called all American cars “rubbish”, a French one a “cheese eating, surrender monkey” and made a mock Nazi salute when talking about a German made BMW Mini.

After the most recent row, Mexican ambassador to Britain, Eduardo Medina-Mora Icaza called their comments “xenophobic” and “humiliating”.

But the BBC said, “The presenters often make jokes about perceived characteristics of nationalities when talking about cars made in those countries. Mexico was not singled out.”

by Sasha Dubronitz



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