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The violence in Russia is never-ending

An Islamic warlord, seven militants, four officers and one civilian have been killed in three separate incidents in Russia’s violence plagued southern Caucasu region.

Russia’s anti-terrorist commitee spokesman Nikolai Sintsov said the leader of Islamist separatists in the province of Ingushetia was killed in a shoot out on Friday in the village of Ekazhevo along with two other militants.

Also Friday, police spokesman Vyasheslav Gasanov said four Russian military officers and five miltants were killed in the neighbouring province of Dagestan.

In another restive Russian province, Kabardino Balkariya, three masked militants stormed into a school and stabbed a volleyball player in the gym, police spokesman Andrey Ushakov said.

The predominately Muslim region suffers almost daily attacks by separatist insurgents and criminal gangs.

by Sasha Dubronitz

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