The fattest kid in the world

The child eats 10,000 calories a day, she cannot walk or bear physical strain and his cardiovascular system is at risk.

Seven-year-old Jessica Gaude differs from her friends. With 222 kilograms, she is the fattest child in the world.

She eats 10,000 calories each day in Coca-Colas, 15 hamburgers with fries and several kilograms of chocolate. What she eats in one day some children eat in half a year. Her breakfast consists of white bread, potato chips and two litres of coke. And she wants more.

Unfortunately, she can no longer run and instead of walking she drags herself on the floor. Under such bodily weight her bones have already become distorted.

Mother Carolyn gives her daughter whatever the child wants. In the first week after she was born, when the baby cried because of stomach pains, the mother calmed her by feeding her with a bottle because she thought the child was hungry. “I gave her the bottle and she wanted more and more. It was not enough for her and she was constantly hungry”, Jessica’s mother says.

The doctors warn that the child’s health is already dangerously at risk and could die if not treated.

Unfortulately, Jessica’s mother does not understand medicine, her child is prescious to her and continues to feed her sweets.

Well, her child can’t be that fucking prescious to her, because she must know that her little girl shouldn’t look like an elephant seal in the mating season.

Some people just don’t have the right to be a parent. This woman…mum…wants shooting, and should never have been allowed to have children.

Didn’t social services say something, or do something? How big’s your kid got to be before questions are asked?

Surely it was a sign when your 7 year old couldn’t walk.

Anybody can be a mother, but it takes more than just opening your legs for some hill-billy to be a mum.

I mean, 15 hamburgers!!…and the mother thinks that’s normal.

This kid should be taken into care and weened off of the shit that’s she’s eating…it’s not too late.

by Sel Hurst


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