The Falklands War – could happen again very soon

Argentina is to double its military budget and regenerate its armed forces, sparking fears that it could mount a successful invasion of the Falklands.

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced cuts that would result in Britain being unable to defend the islands if Argentina invaded.

The South American country also plans to develop nuclear technology to power ships and submarines.

It’s Defence Minister, Nilda Garne, said the refurbishment of the military would make up for years of neglect since the Falklands defeat.

Argentina invaded in 1982, which prompted Maggie Thatcher (PM at the time) to send the troops in to retake the islands.

But in last weeks Defence Review, David Cameron scrapped the Harrier jump-jets, which played a crucial part in the Falklands war. But this means that the UK will be left with no jets for its aircraft carriers.

It’s a ridiculous move from Cameron, because there won’t be any jets until 2020, which gives the Argies an upper hand.

What about the soldiers that lost their lives defending the islands in 1982?

And what about the British people who live on the islands…will Britain not defend its people?

Does this not count for anything?

It’s classic stupidity on David Cameron’s part, but also a lack of respect for the British people of the Falkland Islands and the soldiers who went to war, defending Britain in 1982.

Argentina still claims a legal right to the British territories that are about 800 km off its east coast.

by Robbo Green


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