The Devil’s Niece becomes Air Guitar World Champion

Aline Westphal, otherwise known as ‘The Devil’s Niece’, has been crowned the first female winner of the annual Air Guitar World Championships in Finland.

The Air Guitar World Championship venue was packed to the rafters at Oulu marketplace as thousands gathered to watch one of the silliest competitions on record.

The entrants, wielding their invisible guitars, were judged not on technical ability but on enthusiasm.

And Aline came out on top with an energetic – and a tad unhinged – performance.

All finalists had to perform twice with Rage Against the Machine’s track Without A Face being the only mandatory song.

Justin ‘Nordic Thunder’ Howard was ultimately beaten to the Air Guitar crown (though surely they’re all losers here?), but shared some of his secrets before the show.

He said: ‘My strength is that I have absolutely no shame.

‘I’m not concerned with looking like a fool and I’m planning on looking like a fool tonight.’

Howard took second place while Veronica ‘Like Ever Gin’ Mullerova was pushed into third, with neither finalist able to top Westphal’s performance of the Foo Fighters’ Pretender.

It was a proud day for women everywhere, as a female contestant had not even taken a medal at the Air Guitar World Championships since 2004 – when American Miri ‘Sonyk-Rok’ Park won silver.


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