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Testicle scan reveals face in pain

Forget the many images of Jesus Christ found in root vegetables – this face was found on a man’s testicle.

Doctors in a Canadian hospital performed an ultrasound on a patient who complained of discomfort.

And they were surprised to find an eerie image staring back at them out of the screen.

Dr Naji Touma, an assistant professor of urology at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, said: “It was almost like art coming out of this patient’s testicles. It was an amusing finding.”

But the doctor has ruled out any divine message in the intimate scan, which looks like a man in pain.

He said: “It’s purely coincidental. That’s what came to our mind, though, that somebody would look at this like the Virgin Mary on toast, but it’s not the case.”

The patient, a 45-year-old paraplegic, later had the testicle removed but the growth was found to be benign.

The case was published in a medical journal under the title, The Face of Testicular Pain: A Surprising Ultrasound Finding.

And the doctor revealed that the patient showed no interest in the spooky finding.

He said: “I think the patient was just relieved it wasn’t cancer, and once I told him he wasn’t particularly interested in the details of the ultrasound.”

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