Technology makes Mount Everest a safer place to visit

A piece of wilderness was conquered around 6 years ago, when wireless 3G became available on Mount Everest.

This may have changed the face of mountaineering forever. Can you imagine a climber who’s almost at the summit, stopping to update their facebook.

But at least there’ll be a wicked hands-free to go with it. When taking a call at 35,000 feet, the phone will be stuck to your face automatically.

So there’s mobile coverage on Everest, but is there a phone that can withstand the freezing cold? And is there a phone that has an extremely large keypad on it, because I don’t think a climber that’s half way up Everest, will want to remove their gloves in freezing conditions to hear the other half telling you that if,  “you’re not home tonight…the dinner’s in the dog”.

I dunno…whatever next…maybe an ipod docking station up there, so each conquerer of Everest can listen to some tunes at the top.

by Robbo Green


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