Starlet blackmails doctor for breast implants

Authorities in Romania have arrested a notable television presenter after she was accused of blackmailing her plastic surgeon.

Oana Zavoranu

Oana Zavoranu, host of hit shows Foreplay and Pact With The Devil, threatened to reveal that her doctor was using state facilities for private breast implants unless he performed her seventh boob job for free – and gave her $12000.

She claimed that Romania’s ‘silicon mafia,’ which is no doubt in rude health thanks largely to Oana, was channeling funds for burn victims into cosmetic surgery.

Her accusation had some basis in reality, as medical staff in Bucharest were recently arrested for similar reasons. However Oana’s surgeon, Dr Marek Valcu, had no involvement in such a devious misuse of public services.

When Oana delivered her threat, Dr Valcu quickly informed the authorities.

‘She texted him to say that she was unhappy with her last boob job,’ said a police spokesman. ‘She claimed that the clinic was using funds meant for burns victims but we have no evidence of this.’

Oana arrived at the practice and was promptly handed $12000 as part of a police sting. She counted the money and was immediately arrested.

Oana’s deception should come as no surprise. She’s written the word ‘verified’ on her Twitter bio despite failing to earn the official blue tick from the site.

We think she probably deserves a mention in our She’s Hot section.


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