Soap bubbles take over Tokyo city street

Commuters in Tokyo had to deal with some slippery conditions on the way to the office this week after being confronted with this soapy street mess.

Soapy street

At first glance, it appears the Japanese capital has been hit by unseasonal snowy weather, but a closer look reveals an entirely different story.

The fluffy white bubbles invaded a street in the district of Ginza after a madcap office employee decided to pour 40 litres of soap powder down the sink.

With his place of work located on the 13th floor of the Sumitomo Shiodome building, the soap was rather frothy by the time it came oozing out of the street sewers below.

Police and firefighters had to work through the night to clear the street bubble bath and there was still evidence of the office antics as people headed to work the next day.

As authorities attempted to figure out if the foamy stream was the work of an irate or incompetent employee, they assured the public that it didn’t pose any danger.


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