Smile for the camera

It must be awfully lonely being the world’s most famous grinning dog – but luckily for Smiley Riley, we think we may have found him a new best friend who just happens to have an equally brilliant smile.

The hilarious picture above has become an internet sensation after it was posted online by the dog’s owner.

The image of the grinning canine (complete with grinning owner) was soon circulated on Facebook and Twitter, with users expressing their delight at the fact the dog appears to be smiling for the camera.

Unfortunately though, the identity of both the photo’s subjects has been lost in cyberspace and it remains unknown where in the world the pair reside.

Last year, Riley – a bichon frise/poodle mix – became a global superstar after his owner Maureen Ravelo photographed him celebrating his birthday.

The California resident reckons her dog constantly pulls the amusing facial expression, causing her to regularly forget he’s actually a dog.


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