Skunk-hunter misses, and shoots himself in the head

A MAN has accidentally shot himself in the head while trying to shoo a skunk off a friend’s property.

Daniel McDaniels, 31, from Sarasota, south of Tampa in the US state of Florida, placed the butt end of a .22 rifle on the ground as he loaded it with the intention of firing at the skunk after he spotted it.

However the gun was already loaded and the victim accidentally hit the trigger, discharging the gun.

The round went through the fingers on McDaniels’ right hand, then through his left cheek.

The wound did not appear to be life-threatening, and no charges are pending, police said.

Buford Balony says: I’ve seen it happen before. They say beer & guns don’t mix, but that’s bullshit otherwise this wouldn’t have happened & be so funny.


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