Serious vroooom service to the richest F1 fans

When hotel bosses at the Fairmont Monte Carlo boast of ‘a room with a view’ they’re not kidding.

Their 70 four-star luxury suites offer Formula 1 fans the chance to enjoy the Monaco Grand Prix without even leaving the building.

However, vistas such as this don’t come cheap. The most expensive package overlooking the famous  Fairmont hairpin bend costs £24,000 for four nights – and that doesn’t even include evening meals.

During Grand Prix week the hotel hosts the Billionaire Club nightclub founded by Flavio Briatore, described by the Fairmont as ‘the F1 specialist and Italian billionaire seducer’.

But sports fans hoping to secure a balcony overlooking this year’s race are out of luck – however deep their pockets.

The last remaining room was snapped up three weeks ago and the hotel is now fully booked.

Established in 1929, the Monaco Grand Prix, which started yesterday, is considered to be one of the most glamorous on the F1 circuit.


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