Sarah Ferguson is as shocking as her ex-husband

Fergie says that to pay back the $25,000 she took from her ex’s old pal, child abuser Jeffrey Epstein, she’s going to write a childrens book called Fergie’s Farm.

Let’s get this straight…she’s going to write a childrens book, the profits of which will go to a man who grooms children for prostitution.

So, who does she think is going to buy that then?

I don’t mind Sarah Ferguson, really I don’t. Even for her dishonesty with money and trying to sell stories about whoever. I mean, she gets lots of money and is just useless with it…maybe you might be the same. So, her ‘back-handedness’ to try and make some money is probably just her trying to look after herself…which is probably what some honest folk would do.

But to come out with this horse-shit!

Getting involved with this leech of a man…

Really, it all of a sudden becomes quite obvious…you and Prince Andrew should have stayed together. You don’t seem to have any morals and you deserve each other.

¬†Just think what you COULD HAVE schemed up if you’d have stayed together.

by Robbo Green


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