Sarah Ferguson is as shocking as her ex-husband

Fergie says that to pay back the $25,000 she took from her ex’s old pal, child abuser Jeffrey Epstein, she’s going to write a childrens book called Fergie’s Farm.

Let’s get this straight…she’s going to write a childrens book, the profits of which will go to a man who grooms children for prostitution.

So, who does she think is going to buy that then?

I don’t mind Sarah Ferguson, really I don’t. Even for her dishonesty with money and trying to sell stories about whoever. I mean, she gets lots of money and is just useless with it…maybe you might be the same. So, her ‘back-handedness’ to try and make some money is probably just her trying to look after herself…which is probably what some honest folk would do.

But to come out with this horse-shit!

Getting involved with this leech of a man…

Really, it all of a sudden becomes quite obvious…you and Prince Andrew should have stayed together. You don’t seem to have any morals and you deserve each other.

 Just think what you COULD HAVE schemed up if you’d have stayed together.

by Robbo Green