Ronnie Barkers son is left millions by his mum…but he’s still hiding from the cops

The fugitive son of comedy legend Ronnie Barker has been left $3.5 million in his mum’s will…despite being on the run over child porn allegations.

Shamed Adam Barker, 43, has been in hiding since 2004 when he jumped police bail after being arrested over possession of 1,200 indecent images of children.

Records just released can reveal his 78 year old mum, Joy, who died after a short illness, left around $10 million divided equally between Adam, brother Larry, 51 and sister Charlotte, 48.

But it is unclear if Adam can ever claim his stake unless he hands himself into the cops.

The actor, who appeared in Titanic and Tomorrow Never Dies, was arrested in June 2003 as part of Operation Ore into the use of child porn websites.

Adam was on police bail but did a runner in 2004. His Two Ronnies and Porridge star dad died the following year, leaving Adam…who dodged his funeral…around $140,000. The bulk of Ronnie’s fortune is believed to be tied up in assets jointly held with Joy.

Adam also missed the funeral for his mum, who died in January.

by Robbo Green


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