Record breaking pub crawl

Beer-lover Bruce Masters has made it into the record books after the ultimate booze cruise – a visit to 45,000 British pubs.

In the kind of pub crawl even students would baulk at, the 66-year-old covered an estimated million miles since he started visiting watering holes in 1960, sipping his way through 25,000 pints of local-brewed ale in the process.

His latest stop was at the Hole In The Wall pub, in Portsmouth – but he doesn’t plan to call time just yet.

Mr Masters, who travels everywhere by train, said: ‘There are still a great many pubs I have not been to. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing properly.’

The beer-lover, who keeps a database of his pub ‘collection’ on his computer, includes airport departure lounge bars and bars on cross-country trains on his 51-year list of stops.

But his two favourites are on his doorstep – the Bumble Bee and The Swan in his home town of Flitwick, Bedfordshire.

He admits his wife, Violet, is no great fan of his record.

‘But she does not begrudge me doing this, she just prefers to stay at home,’ he said.


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