Probably the best dog in the world…

Fetching the morning paper is one thing but a dog that can bring you an ice-cold beer is truly man’s – or woman’s – best friend.

Kalula the booze hound has learned to open her owner’s fridge and pick up a beverage on command.

She also fetches creature comforts such as slippers and blankets and can even empty the washing machine.

‘If I come in from work after a hard day and Kalula fetches me a beer, it makes everything seem so much better,’ said owner Nicole Jennings. ‘I attached a tea towel to the handle of the fridge, which Kalula tugs at to open the door.

‘She always closes it behind her, though.’

Mrs Jennings has been training the Australian shepherd since the dog was eight weeks old.

‘She is extremely quick to learn,’ she added. ‘I only have to show her something and 15 minutes later she can do it on command.

‘She loves learning new tricks.

‘Sometimes she even thinks she’s cleverer than me and, if Kalula sees a better way to do something, I have a hard time convincing her otherwise.’

Mrs Jennings, from Cape Town in South Africa, trains a range of animals for use in TV shows and commercials.

She added: ‘Kalula really thrives on the tricks I teach her.’


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