Prince Willy is getting married…does one get a day off work?

As you might have already heard, Prince William is getting married.

Kate Middleton is the lucky girl…well, you’ve got to love a man in uniform.

Everybody’s getting exited. And why not. Because there’s a high percentage of marriages that don’t work and I can’t wait to see if this one does, or doesn’t work.

If and when it doesn’t work will be juicy gossip and then Wills be caught with a prostitute in Iceland or something. Well, I’m just wildly imagining, of course.

I hope they’re both very happy, but this will only mean something if we get a public holiday. I will think of them always with great fondness and remember them always…only if we get given a public holiday. Because if not, they’ll get married and people will just be working as usual and it’ll be a normal, nothing type of a day.

And honestly, how long can one stay exited for? Because we’re going to get it in the papers on average, at least 3 times a week until they get married at some point in August 2011.

If the Royals want to make it big and retain there popularuty, then we should have a public holiday.

I just feel for the poor Poms. They don’t even get a public holiday for the Queens birthday or for St Georges Day, their patron saint.

Now I know why the Poms are always miserable…it’s not because of the rain and cold at all…it’s because we’ve got public holidays that they want.

Well, give us a day off, give the Poms their public holidays that they should have, and the Royal Wedding will get my blessing AND I won’t be pissed off when I don’t get an invite.

by John Jackson


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