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Police confiscate fake Putin driving licence

A Vladimir Putin lookalike has been cautioned by police for using a picture of the Russian leader on a fake driving licence.

Vladimir Putin Driving Licence

German born Lucas Baier found himself in hot water with the authorities after he was caught with the fake ID while travelling on a train from Salzburg to Munich.

The 27-year-old bought the bogus driving licence in the name of his double at a Russian flea market following constant teasing from his friends about his striking resemblance to Mr Putin.

‘I was always being ribbed about it, and on holiday in Russia I saw a realistic looking driving licence in his name, so I snapped it up,’ he explained.

The ID was made to look like a Latvian driving licence but in the Russian leader’s name and with his picture.

Police described the ID as a ‘realistic and an authentic forgery’ despite some of its more obvious flaws arousing immediate suspicion from officers.

After confiscating the card, police let the offender off with a caution but warned he would face a large fine if caught trying to impersonate his double again.

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