Parrot loses feathers on beer and chips diet

A parrot lost all its feathers after it was fed a diet of beer and chips.

Charlie the two-year-old African grey was also given monkey nuts and kept in a darkened corner alone with no socialisation.

Parrots have a brain equivalent to that a four-year-old child which means they need lots of stimulation and care as they grow.

But the stress of his situation caused Charlie to pull out his feathers and by the time he was rescued he was mostly bald.

He was given to M&K Parrot Rescue because his owner could not cope.

He has been nursed back to health by new owner Alison Haybyrnes and is regaining his plumage.

Mrs Haybyrnes said: ‘It was heartbreaking when he arrived. He looked like a piece of meat you would see on the shelves of a supermarket because he was that bald.

‘He was really nervous when we first got him and the rescue team said don’t expect much from him for the first few weeks.

‘The next day he came out of his cage and went straight on to my hand. Moe, from the parrot rescue, said she had never known a bird to settle that quickly.’

Thanks to the love and care of Mrs Haybyrnes, 40, after six weeks his plumage is starting to come back.

And his cheeky character is finally coming through, says his new owner.

‘He makes me laugh every day, he’s so funny,’ added Alison.

‘He eats my wallpaper, he’ll bite the cats’ tails if they get too close and he’s started talking.’

And thanks to a special diet, including bottled water and plenty of fruit, his taste in healthy foods is helping him on the road to recovery.

Alison said: ‘He loves red grapes and he will throw green grapes back when I try to feed him them.

‘He loves toast too at breakfast with me. It’s a bonding thing to eat with him, he hangs off his perch and he has a piece of toast.’

by John Jackson



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