Orphaned kitten adopted by Harley the bulldog

What do you get when you give an orphaned kitten a grumpy bulldog for company? A surrogate parent probably wouldn’t be your first answer.

Harley and Tigger

But little Tigger the rescue cat has found an unlikely authority figure in two-year-old Harley.

And now the dog has even begun to produce milk for her new charge.

Owner Clare Evans said: ‘Harley can be quite a moody so-and-so and I never thought she would be this way with him.’

The unusual bond developed after two-week-old Tigger was found abandoned in a church andhanded in to Arvonia Vets in Cheltenham, England where Ms Evans works as a trainee nurse.

The 37-year-old took Tigger home but couldn’t believe her eyes when Harley, who is unable to have puppies because of a tumour on her spine, adopted the tiny kitten.

The mother-of-three said: ‘From the moment I took Tigger back to mine, Harley completely tried to take over the care of him.

‘She washes him and lets him cuddle up, and now she’s producing milk and feeding him.’

The twosome are set to keep their bond for life as the kitten is due to join Ms Evans’ parents household – which is just next door.

Ms Evans said: ‘We thought it would be too distressing to separate them completely and my boys were quite taken and didn’t want to lose him either.

‘They are thrilled nan and granddad have decided to take him in.’


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