Mayor walks face first into TV camera

Standing in the political spotlight proved to be rather painful for Toronto mayor Rob Ford when he walked face first into a TV camera.

The Canadian politician was left with a bruised ego and sore head after a TV crew member took close-up camera work to the extreme.

He was rushing out of a committee meeting at Ontario’s City Hall when he walked straight into the oncoming cameraman.

Rob Ford‘Ah f*** man. Holy Christ!’ screamed the angry mayor as he crouched down holding his eye following the painful collision.

‘Holy. Guys have some respect, you just hit me in the face with a camera,’ he then shouted as he exited the building under the guidance of a security man.

Mr Ford has a reputation for running out of meetings at City Hall, forcing reporters to chase after him for questions and pushing cameramen against cement pillars.

‘He’s a little sore but he’ll be okay,’ said his spokesman George Christopoulos.


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