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‘Maybe I was trying to light a fart’

Brian Whitehead, accused of taking a photo up a woman’s skirt, said ‘Maybe I was trying to light a fart’

Light a fartWhitehead, from Bristol UK, accused of trying to take a photo under a woman’s skirt suggested that he could have been trying to “light her fart” on fire.

CCTV footage caught the 39-year-old going into a bar last September and placing an unidentified object the woman’s skirt.

Prosecutors said he was trying to take a photo, but police say Whitehead told them “Maybe I was trying to light a fart. It could have been a joke. Maybe someone says ‘I bet you a fiver if you light her fart.'”

During his trial, Whitehead told the court he was just joking around, but he also denied he ever put a camera under the woman’s skirt.

Nevertheless, he was found guilty this past week of outraging public decency, and will be sentenced on June 27.

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