Marmite back on sale in New Zealand

Marmite has returned to breakfast tables in New Zealand a year after supplies were exhausted in an event known as ‘Marmageddon’.


The sticky black spread’s maker Sanitarium was able to resupply supermarkets a year after it was forced to close its factory in Christchurch, the only one in the country making the product, following damage from a series of earthquakes.

Demand was so great that some hungry New Zealanders were rationed to two jars each when shelves were restocked on Wednesday.

One shopper said: ‘I’ve tried the alternatives but they’re just not the same, so I’ve had to have jam or peanut butter on my toast.’

In a statement on its website, Sanitarium said: ‘You’ve rationed, you’ve scraped, you’ve survived Marmaggedon – and now the wait is over!

‘Marmite is back on supermarket shelves across NZ.  Thanks for not freaking out and for waiting patiently for the black gold’s return.

‘It’s back and now it’s time to celebrate! Grab a jar, dig in and spread it around. Enjoy!’

Grocery chain Foodstuffs said people were queuing up at its stores.

Customers were ‘really excited’ about its return, said a spokeswoman.

Prime minister John Key was among those who had complained about the shortage.

New Zealand, buys 640 tonnes of Marmite each year.


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