Man mutilated and tortured by drug Barons

A man that’s been mutilated is under police guard after being tortured by alleged drug Barons in Portugal.

James Ross, 26, an ex-con, suffered horrific injuries in a 13 day kidnap ordeal which was not too dis-similar to the infamous ‘ear cutting’ scene in Reservoir Dogs. Ross had a bit more done to him.

He had a testicle cut off, his wedding finger, an ear, two toes and both his tendons had been sliced. Police say that he was lucky to be alive.

Ross, who has links to a Scottish crime family, was kidnapped at Faro airport and tortured at a house on the Algarve.

Cops believe that the gang had intended to kill him slowly after a drugs deal went wrong.

Police were already searching for Ross, from Wick in the Scottish Highlands, after his wife received threatening calls from the kidnappers.

The horrific treatment is believed to be linked to an unpaid £10,000 drug debt.

The Ross home had signs that the family had left in a hurry.

A child’s bike and a scooter were abandoned in the front path of the mid-terrace home, which has a For Sale sign in the garden.

And a neighbour said that the family’s two pet rabbits were found dead in the back garden last Monday.

He was found bleeding in the street in the village of Boliqueime after he’d escaped his torturers.

Four Brits have been held in a Lisbon jail on kidnap charges.


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