Man gets pissed on a 120,000 volt power line

Everyone deals with heartbreak in a different way – but one man opted for a very public outpouring of grief.

Lovelorn Li Wang climbed to the top of a 120,000 volt high-tension power line before drinking himself into a stupor.

Wang, who’d just been dumped by his girlfriend, kept police and rescuers in Chengdu, southern China, at bay for more than three hours as he gulped down alcohol.

Despite repeated pleas, he refused to come down and continued to drown his sorrows.

Hundreds of people gathered around the high-voltage tower to witness the spectacle.

Rescuers eventually managed to grab him when he slumped unconscious on the electricity pole.

‘We didn’t know whether he was going to break his neck in a fall when he passed out or fry himself alive on the electric power lines. He was very lucky,’ said a fire service spokesman.


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