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Man fakes kidnapping to avoid girlfriend

A Brooklyn man looks set for a lengthy spell in the dog house after faking his own kidnapping to avoid the wrath of his girlfriend.

Imaginative Rahmell Pettway concocted his bizarre plan after going AWOL for two weeks from his home in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Terrified of admitting the truth to his partner, the 36-year-old told police in New York City he was beaten up and abducted by two men before being thrown into a light-blue minivan.

He told officers he was taken to an unknown location before he was discovered thrown in the street looking beat up with duct tape covering his hands, legs and mouth by a pedestrian last week.

Duct Tape

The conman’s story quickly unravelled however when cops noticed the roll of duct tape was still dangling from his wrists before he confessed to the hoax under questioning.

‘He’s a total moron,’ one law-enforcement source told the New York Post. ‘It was a pathetic attempt to pull the wool over her eyes.’

‘That’s something very sick,’ another resident added. ‘Just be a man and face the consequence.’

Mr Pettway is well known to police having previously been arrested for robbery, marijuana possession and assault.

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