Man dies after having testicles squeezed

A shopkeeper in the Chinese city of Haikou reportedly died of shock after having his family jewels locked in a vice-like grip by an irate woman.

Squeezed ballsAnd now, the alleged owner of said grip is in court facing capital charges, according to media reports.

Apparently the incident stemmed from an argument over a parking space.

The alleged testicular homicide was the culmination of a dispute between a 41-year-old woman and the 42-year-old victim. The latter refused to let her load up her scooter in front of his shop. A quarrel turned into fisticuffs, which then turned into something altogether diabolical, as the woman allegedly locked down his nether part with a seemingly otherworldly strength.

Witnesses heard the woman threatening, “I’ll squeeze it to death. You’ll never have children again.”

The man was reportedly taken to hospital, where he was pronounced quite dead of shock.


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