Lazy road workers paint over potholes

We’ve probably all felt like taking shortcuts in our jobs – but these road workers apparently took laziness to a ‘hole’ new level after painting over potholes instead of filling them in.

Pot Hole

Photos taken of the highways in Romania showed holes were not repaired and white paint was merely drawn over them.

An angry local said the roads had not been fixed in three years and the team charged with repairing them had been so idle they had even painted over a puddle.

The workers argued there hadn’t been enough money in the budget to take care of the hazards.

However, a local council spokesman dismissed these claims and said the men were just being lazy.

Romania is known for the poor state of its roads, with Bucharest having been voted the capital city with the worst highways in Europe.

The country suffers from heavy snowfalls and ploughs used to clear the snow normally result in the roads getting damaged.


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