Lap Dancers need a hypnotist to ‘anchor’ men

A hypnotist is helping lap dancers lure men into spending more money on their sexy shows.

Entertainer Grant Saunders was called in by club boss Jason Armitage as takings slumped in the recession.

Girls at Cleopatra’s Lounge in Huddersfield, northern England, hope to keep spellbound punters forking out for $16 dances.

Mr Saunders, 34, said, “They will use a technique called anchoring. The man’s subconscious mind becomes open to suggestion as a dancer speaks to him and gives him a little touch on the shoulder or the knee.”

But he added no one will be put in a trance.

“It’s just about making them better saleswomen,” Mr Saunders said while Mr Armitage added,”My girls could earn $8000 a week a few years ago. Now they’re lucky to make $800.”

Dancer Sabrina, 25, said, “I never say never to learning anything.”

by John Jackson


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