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LA weatherman pranked on live TV

A US weatherman is probably still wondering how he could have fallen for one of the oldest pranks in the book after he was tricked into saying the name ‘Hugh Janus’ live on TV.

Names that sound like rude words have long been used to fool people, such a gimmick being a favourite of the mischievous eldest child of the Simpson family, Bart.

Los Angeles meteorologist Henry DiCarlo fell for the hijinks after a viewer named ‘Hugh Janus’ asked for a birthday shout-out on news channel KTLA 5.


Mr DiCarlo duly obliged and, although he didn’t recognise what he’d said straight away, news anchor Chris Schauble burst into laughter immediately.

The female co-anchor was even slower to cotton on and it wasn’t until 20 seconds after it was said that it finally clicked for her.

Next time Mr DiCarlo reads out a note live on TV, he may want to check it over first.

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