Jon Bon Jovi’s house is burgled…but at least his hair-spray wasn’t taken

Raiders stole $100,000 worth of Jewellery from the wife of bland rocker Jon Bon Jovi, in a burglary at his $25 million mansion.

Police say the star’s 15 acre estate was one of at least four luxury homes recently targeted in New Jersey, USA.

Nocolas Tracy, 21, was arrested after allegedly tripping an alarm in one of Jon Bon Jovi’s neighbours homes. He has been charged with taking $500,000 worth of valuables in four burglaries.

The gems were stolen on April 3rd from Jon Bon Jovi’s 48 year old wife Dorothea Bongiovo, which is the proper spelling of the star’s surname. Tracey’s bail was set at $100,000.

But Jon has got to be happy…at least the burglars didn’t take his hair-spray.

by Vandas Voice


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