Husband stabbed to death in TV argument

A woman from London, England, who stabbed her husband during a row over what to watch on TV has been cleared of his murder.

Leonora Sinclair, 50, wanted to watch Harry Hill while her husband Lloyd, 73, wanted to see the football at their Enfield home, the Old Bailey was told.

During the row in January the dental nurse stabbed her husband of 10 months in the thigh with a knife and he bled to death, jurors heard.

Sinclair was convicted of manslaughter and will be sentenced in December.


Jurors heard that Mr Sinclair, a driver for a church care centre, was frightened of his wife, who had attacked him on previous occasions.

On the afternoon of the attack she had texted a friend: “I am watching Steel Magnolias and [drinking] wine while Lloyd makes the dinner. LOL.”

Later when they argued about what to watch, she stabbed her husband with a large kitchen knife in the back of his left thigh.

PC Gillian Bills said Sinclair told her on the way to hospital: “We had an argument about what to watch on TV.

“He wanted to watch football and I wanted to watch Harry Hill.”

Sinclair, who had been married twice before, denied stabbing her husband, claiming he must have stabbed himself by accident when he got her in a headlock.

She said: “I didn’t stab Lloyd. I did everything possible to save my husband’s life.

“I treated my husband with respect and dignity. I loved my husband.”

But the prosecution said Sinclair had been violent towards he husband and friends and family had noticed his injuries.

Bobbie Cheema, prosecuting, said: “She found an element of enjoyment in humiliating him.

“Lloyd would come to work bearing signs of physical injury including bruising to his face.

“When asked about them he would frankly admit they had been caused by Leonora.”

Sinclair, of Windward Close, will be sentenced on 6 December.


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