Hundreds queue to gawp at Gaddafi’s body

It was the moment Libyans had been waiting 42 years for – so it was no surprise they wanted to believe it with their own eyes.

Hundreds braved the stench of rotting flesh today to see their hated former dictator’s body, and know for sure he is never coming back.

Bloodied, bullet-ridden and left lying on a mattress in a meat locker, Colonel Gaddafi’s remains were a grisly, undignified sight.

Yet despite the ghoulish scene, it didn’t stop queues stretching around the block as people flocked to gawp at the toppled tyrant in the coastal city of Misrata.

Fighters put his body on display lying side-by-side with his son, Mutassim, who commanded the defence of Sirte, and Defence Minister Abu-Bakr Yunis Jabr.

In a dank, cold room in the makeshift mortuary, the former leader’s body was covered by a blue blanket that left only his head exposed, hiding the bruises on his torso and scratch marks on his chest.


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