Hannibal Peckter murders at least 15

A Killer Swan, nick-named Hannibal Peckter, has murdered al least 15 of his rivals who dared invade his pond in a sleepy UK village.

The swan then escorts his wife and baby to view the bodies of his victims.

His victims are often lured into a trap before being viciously attacked and left for dead.

Witnesses say he has bitten his prey, battered them with his wings and feet and even drowned them.

He then swims up and down the pond triumphantly flapping his wings before inviting his mate and cygnet to view the kill.

Locals are horrified by the deviant swan’s behaviour and the seeming pride he takes in each of his conquests.
One local resident whose home overlooks the pond said: ‘It’s very stressful to watch, and people are quite upset.
‘I’ve seen him drown other swans, and there was just nothing I could do about it.

‘Afterwards, he swims around the pond with his wings up, looking so proud of what he has done.

‘And if his victims are injured on the bank, he just won’t let them back in the water.’

Scientists, who believe the behaviour may be caused by increased pollution, are to remove the Swan for testing.


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